Reading ブラックジャックによろしく manga exercises (p14-and up)

Your interpretations are spot on, except for one: みとる, in my dictionary, is 看取る, and means 'to be at someone’s bedside and care for him/her". Your understanding for 死にゆく者 is also correct. ゆく is another form of 行く(いく). Thus, the translation should instead by ‘You should quietly care for a person who is dying/about to die.’ Well done.

Side note: please, I beg of you all, know your definitions if you’re going to use technical terms.

Off-topic rant with a link to the relevant post and thread. (I'm sorry, I need to vent. But really, please, don't do such things...)

The reason I’m still online is because I spent 2h7min writing a 3334-word post on what a ‘part of speech’ is because somebody just kept insisting that ‘suffix’ ought to be a ‘part of speech’ = a ‘word class’ (according to him) and refused (or so it seems) to check the actual definition of the word.

Here’s the post (article/mini-treatise, really) about what ‘part of speech’ means if any of you are interested. In it, I translate the Japanese definition of 品詞=‘part of speech’ in order to explain why he was wrong since he kept saying, in essence, ‘Japanese is different from English, so your English definitions aren’t valid’. I’m exhausted right now, and I hope I don’t wake up tomorrow morning to see another reply for him containing yet another contradiction that clearly means he didn’t read my reply or the links I included.