📚📚 Read every day challenge - Winter 2022 ☃❄

March 26 :snowflake: Home Post

Wellll, I finished my first playthrough of VLR today :eyes: Honestly wild? I think the routes are generally shorter than the ones in 999 (there’s just a billion of them lmao), but like… it still only took like twelve hours? Looking back at 999 where I was twelve hours in and just learning everyone’s codenames :joy: So if I wanted proof that I’ve improved, there it is! I’m a decent ways into my second playthrough too so… I only started a few days ago and I’ve already almost finished two routes? Growth :muscle:

Time to scream about VLR

I have complicated feelings about K :joy: so how better to start than with a cute goof:

He had such so much fun riding the nightmare bunny, precious :') (and writing this with the context of at least some of his backstory I’m realizing how sad this actually is, zero escape pulls no punches ever huh)

But yeah my first ending was an absolute failure, I’m too kind and trusting :joy: K absolutely blindsided me, I guess I don’t get to be naive and innocent in zero escape anymore lmao. But after doing that, I immediately ended up in at least a route where you get blasted with K’s angsty backstory and like dude?? It’s pretty messed up, and I’m sure connected to the nonary games in ways I don’t know yet but man… rough

I was also absolutely blindsided by ルナ and アルス getting killed, idk why really but somehow I was not prepared for it at all, if anything I thought it’d be クォーク but nope, even more unanswered questions

And last but not least ディオ… he is clearly involved in some things, probably the same secret organization or whatever 四葉(よつば) refuses to talk about? But like as aggro he is, I don’t get the sense he would have killed that lady for her bangle and messed with the game like that without a good reason. All the characters are like “you can’t trust him!” and sure maybe not, but idk, I don’t think he’s up to anything bad actually (as shocking as that is lmao)

Glad to provide, I have to outlet my chaos and anguish somewhere :joy: I’m glad to hear Summer Pockets is still going well too! We love a random N1 grammar point, Zero Escape has been pretty good for those as well haha

Ahh congrats, I’m glad it’s going well! A whole book chapter in a day is an accomplishment in and of itself :tada: I definitely get the vertical text struggle too, it’s an adjustment for sure! But hey, what better way to get used to it than reading yeah? :grin: