Re-checking old kani

Does the system re-check you on things you have already passed, later down the line?

Hello hello, welcome!

Everything up to Burn will come back for review, with longer and longer intervals in between.

It won’t come back forever, because the creators assume you’ll add grammar and reading to your studies, and that you’ll reinforce the words through native exposure after a while.


It would be good if there was an option to reset your progress - say if you take a few years out cos you have kids but then want to go back.

There is an option, go into your settings and look at the danger zone. You can reset back to any level you want. You also reset individual burned items by going to their item page and clicking resurrect


I personally un-burn (reactivate) terms I look up on that are marked with a WK level :stuck_out_tongue:


Resets to Level -1

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