Randomly comprehensible Japanese listening content

So I know we have a couple of threads dedicated to finding certain types of Japanese listening material. But sometimes those sources vary in difficulty, you understand some, you don’t understand some. But sometimes you know when you just come across a random video that you understand almost everything and you feel pretty proud? Well, I thought we could share them. Not whole youtube channels or podcasts authors, just separate and random videos/audios that for some reason are easy to understand.

My vocab is pretty limited to genki, tobira, wanikani, and anime-ish terms. So I’m sure you guys should also understand these videos easily. Most of these are pranks and trailers. The pranks are probably easy to understand because they always repeat the same phrase over and over, like こわー、こわー、こわー、とか、やばい、やばい、やばい、とか。

I’ve been looking through my history on youtube and collecting them, I’ve got about 30 so far. I’m not going to post them all at once. If you want to feel free to comment and discuss the content. Some of them are just funny & cute, some are interesting, and some are about more serious topics. Also feel free to post your own randomly comprehensible Japanese listening content!


So these are all the trailers of the new Pokemon movie. Very easy to understand. Also I’m really liking this new style that they’re going for, I believe the same people who animated attack on titan animate this. I think that’s what I heard. I’m personally excited to see this one, the last movie, the pikachu I choose you movie was also very easy to understand. I watch it in raw Japanese w/o even Japanese subtitles. Except when they were explaining the origins of ho-oh, I didn’t understand that at all.

This was also very easy to understand, I really liked the female pickachu’s voice.

A trailer of the detective pikachu game. It was pretty funny and cute when tim mistook a random pikachu for his partner. XD Pikachu look so hurt and gave a " seriously? wft face :face_with_raised_eyebrow:"
So cuute~ and the part when he was drinking the coffee and told tim not to order him around. This game looks soo cute ahh~.


Kay so yesterday’s theme was obviously pokemon, today I’m going to post japanese taxi ghost pranks. :hugs:
These are super funny and not so hard to understand despite their shrieking. Probably because they repeat the same phrase over and over and there are Japanese subtitles. One thing I don’t get it is how they fall for it every time. XD The ghost doesn’t even look like a ghost to me, they look like regular people. I know they have this thing that ghost wear white and have long straight black hair, but c’mon. Shouldn’t they expect that someone would play a trick on them because of the many tricks played on other people? Like what would you do nowadays people on there say “i knew it, I knew it,”. The same tricks don’t last for long. I guess they are more superstitious?

Anyway here you go:


Okay~ Today I’m going to post some trailers. They usually don’t talk to fast in them and guess since they’re trying to outline the story we have simpler speech that give the feel of the over all show/movie? I don’t know that’s probably a stretch guess, but for whatever reason I understood these trailers pretty easily. When I went to actually watch devilman craybaby however, it was not so easy… And the second two movies look absolutly precious I can wait to see them.


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