Quick quide to fast unlocks [Use at your own risk, skipping items is generally not a good thing in the long run]

I’m not, I have proper Vocabulary books, but I got stuck on that front due to lack of Kanji knowledge

That said, it was a couple of levels ago, I might as well give it another try.

Grammar books are not vocabulary books. All that vocab is useless if you don’t know how to form a sentence

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Right I meant grammar books, I planned to learn more Vocab while reading things, plus I already learned a bunch on WK. I start to pick up some phrases I understand while watching stuff.

I was lacking a thing to read on my Kanji level, so that might work quite well, thanks.

Also, if anyone is interested in real tips on how to go fast check out @jprspereira’s The Ultimate Guide to Wanikani.


Haha, hilariously bad advice. Hope no one is actually following it.

If you think levels are too slow (i.e. you feel like you learn the items much faster than they are unlocked) why do you need to cheat on your reviews?

Some people are diligently doing their reviews on a strict schedule and level up in ~7 days. If you can’t keep up what’s wrong with leveling up in 8, 9, 10 or more days?

Cheating on reviews won’t help you learn kanji. Consitently doing lessons and reviews every day will.

As many pointed out there’s plenty of Japanese studies to be done outside of WK. Go learn grammar, read, practice listening etc.


I think you misunderstand, it’s not supposed to be used to cheat your way all the way to burned, just to get the items to the point where they unlock the following items faster, and then let them fall back to Apprentice, before actually learning them. It’s for cases when I want to, for example, learn the kanji for one level and the radicals for the next one at the same time, if I think I can handle that much. I see no problem with doing it like that, nor does it in any way affects my learning of the kanji. I still have to learn them all the way from the bottom level. At the end of the day it’s just a tool, no one forces you to use it, but it’s always nice to have, just in case. The main point was to explain the unlocking system for the new users, something I personally found quite obscure at the beginning.

I think you are misunderstanding the idea of SRS.

But you’re paying for WK, so feel free to use it however you like. Just keep in mind that from the experience of many users who shared their success (and failure) stories and from my personal experience your “guide” is missing the point. WK provides a structured course in kanji split into levels so that people don’t blindly rush.

Didn’t look that way to me. WK has an a comprehensive guide already: https://knowledge.wanikani.com/getting-started/how-wanikani-works/
and a specific page explaining Leveling Up:

Skipping items isn’t available which is quite annoying for people who don’t start from scratch but cheating on your reviews isn’t a solution. If you already know the items - perfect, just do your reviews on time and you’ll move fast.

Personally, I think WK needs a feature to mark items as Burned. Or perhaps an option to take a quiz when starting a new level and skip all items that you got correctly (similar to Test Out in Duolingo).


I think you fixate to much on the word “cheat”, what if I wrote “skip” instead?

I don’t think what I’m doing messes with the SRS in any way (you might use it differently), you can always try to recall the item yourself before looking it up and entering the correct answer, and if after those 5 times you still don’t remember it, you fall back down and start again. The only difference is it gets you to guru 1 once, but after that, you’re on your own. On the other hand it lets you learn Kanji and Radicals at the same time.

It’s like revising an item a couple of time during class, before being asked about it on the exam.

Still, just my opinion, might be wrong, no one’s making you use it.

The only problem with the test out is the mnemonic building and the multiples readings.

Do I know 丁 is street yes. I remember from last time. Did I remember Ms. Chou, and the she will come into many mnemonics in the future that use 丁 as a radical. No I did not.

Also how do you test for the specific on’yomi read that WaniKani is highlighting for the kanji out of five?

Testing out of Vocab could make sense.

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Hmm, I don’t really use mnemonics, that might be something to consider.

Edit: I guess I did use a couple, “hits jesus” for sheep made me laugh :slight_smile:


This was for d-hermit and his test out idea. My comment was about learners at large.

OK, I feel like this is a pointless conversation but there’s a difference between skipping an item and cheating on a review:

  1. skip - you remove the item from the SRS system, you don’t do any reviews for it. Not available on WK.
  2. cheat - you look up the item before answering to artificially push it up the SRS stages, even though you don’t know it. If you stop cheating after it’s on Guru you will fail it and it’ll drop back to Apprentice increasing you review queue.

If you keep “skipping” levels by cheating you will accumulate an unmanageable review queue (all of those items). Plus, if you also use the reorder script to skip Vocab lessons then you won’t be reinforcing your kanji knowledge.

This will all lead to a learning disaster, waste of time, and the need to reset your level.

Search the forum for the posts by people who were speedleveling and skipping vocab and then regretted it.


What if I look it up after giving my own answer?

That’s the idea, to increase the number of items unlocked at once, not to skip them entirely, that would defeat the whole point of using WK in the first place.

Good luck!


It works for me, for times when I run out of things in my queue (and I already did my grammar for the day)

I agree with your sentiments but I also see how your wording was going to be taken the wrong way.

If you haven’t yet “guru’d” a kanji but forget it, you can go look it up because it will appear again in multiple vocab items and you will keep seeing it again and again. Hopefully you only need to use your method for Kanji because the the vocab are repetitive for the purpose of reenforcing the kanji.

What (I think) your saying is that it would be better to “cheat” on the kanji to unlock the corresponding vocab. You will have become familiar with it during the few times you needed to look it up, and you will see it again and again in handful of vocab that use it. (I don’t think you should cheat on vocab because they don’t effect how quickly you level up, and it will be important to learn vocab very well, if you are cheating your kanji learning.)

Obviously is preferred that you don’t have to look up at item, but if you have to look up a kanji a few times, your saying that it probably won’t detract from your learning in a meaningful way.

I don’t think you are saying to cheat constantly every chance you get, which is how many people are taking it.