Practice readers! Going back to school 不

I am a primary school teacher (reception and year 1 mostly) so I spend a lot of time with readers and students going through levels as their comprehension improves etc地nd I had a brain storm the other day! Why not mimick the process for Japanese for me! So I was wondering if anyone can recommend a similar resource for Japanese for me to learn to ready all over again :laughing: I would really love to practice reading in japanese as I learn more grammar and vocab. I know all the KANA and am slowly working my way through WaniKani and loving it!
Much appreciated!:kissing_heart::heart_eyes:


There are free graded readers here:

These are also good graded readers you can buy from Amazon Japan, but note that they are not cheap.


Heh - I thought Id just have a quick click through and see what they were like.

The first book I opened starts with a cute rabbit saying:


This is my kind of book!


I picked that one too! And I can actually read it. Yay! :slight_smile:

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