Persistent Review Item

So I did a round of reviews but I have single item that remains un-reviewed no matter how much I answer it. Here’s a screenshot of the results screen:

So for now I have a permanent “1” on my review queue.

Edit: Nevermind. Please disregard this post because disabling scripts and answering it again removes it from the queue.


It seems that there’s some conflict with one of the scripts. I had same situation just a moment before, and the item leveled up properly when I temporarily disabled scripts.


I had the exactly same problem the whole day (with 法). Disabling tempermonkey solved it but it’s still weird.

In my case request to was marked with NS_BINDING_ABORTED in “transferred” column…

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Oh I’ve just come looking to see if anyone else was having this problem. Off to disable scripts!

This is somewhat weird. I checked my scripts and the one that was updated the most recently was Niai Similar Kanji (7 days ago) and the rest was over a month ago so it seems it’s not the script change but something WK did?

From my troubleshooting it seems that “Wanikani Double-Check” is responsible (issue goes away after disabling this one)

EDIT: it seems that turning on Compatibility Mode ([Userscript]: Double-Check (Version 2.x) - #389 by staubhold) fixes the issue

I do not use Double-check, yet the problem persists. Disabling Tampermonkey or turning on compatibility mode seems to be the only solutions provided by others so far.
In fact, not only can I not do the last review without doing the above, but I get the message ‘Session has timed out’ when obviously I have been using the site continuously.

I’m experiencing the exact same thing right now with a vocabulary item.

What is script compatibility mode?

We kinda need someone from WK’s team to chime in here.

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