Outside of the Book Club picks, what are the easiest manga in your opinion?

Ah okay. I just wasn’t sure what you were actually looking for, that’s all.

I’m afraid that even where I read something outside of the book clubs initially, if I liked it I would usually nominate it :sweat_smile:

You could look at the nominations which haven’t yet been picked, if you haven’t already? In general people tend to nominate things they like a lot themselves and/or know are likely to be popular, so a lot of the “classics” do get covered. And of course the manga which the Absolute Beginner Club have tackled aren’t covered in my comparisons thread.

I picked up おじさまと猫 after somebody nominated it there. The cat says にゃ wherever it would normally say な, which isn’t ideal for beginners, but otherwise it’s fairly simple and the chapters are super short. Much less obnoxious cat speech than Chi’s Sweet Home, I think, where Chi’s speech is also very childlike.