Other Things I can do to avoid WK Burnout?

By completing level 5 of WaniKani, you’ll probably recognize about 25% of kanji in anything you try reading. Granted, you won’t know all the words that contain them. But many of the kanji you’ve learned come up often.

Since the goal of learning kanji is to be able to read kanji (and the vocabulary that contains them), the next step may be to jump into reading native material.

The prerequisite for that will be learning at least some basic grammar, then be prepared to keep learning as you actually get into reading native material.

It may be too soon for you to give reading a try just yet, but if you want to give it a go, check out the Absolute Beginner Book Club, which just started reading a manga called ルリドラゴン. You can find a free preview of the first chapter online (linked to in the book club), and you can read through the discussion for week one’s pages.

Another option is to work on learning grammar, then join in with the next ABBC in two or three months.

Once you start reading, you’ll see kanji from WaniKani all over the place, which may help you get back into it.

The worst that can happen is you don’t progress forward, but give it a chance and see how it goes.