Obsessed, how about you guys?

Hi guys… super new here! I was just wondering has any one else found that they are obsessive with lessons and reviews? I literally sit at work with my computer open on wanikani studying, waiting for the next lesson or review to tick over. I come home and study it while I prep dinner or eat! My fiancé is legit saying she’s worried because I’m not sleeping, waiting for reviews or studying. Has any one else been obsessive like this? BTW I find wanikani AMAZING fyi! :joy::pray:t2:


Just wait until you reach the painful levels of the Crabigator’s dungeon and below.
You will be begging for mercy, and pray that he will spare you in the next review flood.

JK, it’s still fun :slight_smile:


Yes, a day doesn’t go by that I am not thinking about WK and thus about Japanese.

This I think is all good as I think you have to be obsessive to really learn a new language. Many people try and do it casually and then get discouraged because they don’t seem to be getting anywhere.


It’s fantastic, but rather than obsessively stalking the timer/refreshing the page I prefer to just use this userscript to see the review schedule and plan accordingly.

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Yes, this script is really helpful to get an overview on upcoming reviews.

Also, make sure you keep your apprentice items in check.
Try to get them as low as possible before you start with new lessons.
This way you will be a bit slower, but you won’t be overrun by too many reviews at once.


Ride that wave as long as possible!

Same. I was pretty obsessed up until level 20-something, then it turned into a chore (partly because I just didn’t have the time to keep up, and reviews piled up super fast).

But I’m right back into moderate obsession (is that an oxymoron?) now, so even if you find yourself losing enthusiasm at some point, you’ll likely find it again.

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Moderate obsession can be a good way to keep yourself trucking with this thing, so long as you keep it at a healthy smolder. It worked real well for me. I would just say to watch out for either extremes. If obsession cools, it can leave you with no real motivation to keep going at something, and that’s a quick end; and if it burns too hot, it can burn you out and leave you without the energy or desire to keep going.

Walk the middle road!


I used to be obsessed about WK just like you.

But then I took an arrow to the knee.


Yep, I’m obsessed. I love that Ultimate Timeline extension so I can plan my day by it now, haha.

I know my personality, I get obsessed easily. But I only cycle through my main hobbies, and they’ve always been gaming (which is less and less) and learning languages. As long as I don’t pick up any new hobby to get obsessed with, I hope I read my WaniKani obsession through until 60!


daily wanikani is the longest i’ve ever stuck with anything. i totally feel you.


Since I joined WaniKani I do spend most of my time online by learning a language. That’s a very good thing. So, it’s basically facebook: goodbye! :wink::slight_smile: But I guess, a lot of people start with high expectations and then loose interest when it gets harder. I hope, I will stay motivated for a long time.

Oh yeah I was beyond obsessed in the first levels. I mean, I’m still are, sort of, but the first few… I think the frustration of only having radicals/simple kanji just made me want to speed hahah

:joy: omg so this!!!

:cold_sweat: Gotta go, some one just stole my sweet roll!

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