Not following how to use でもない

recently I have been struggling to understand how to use でもない, and なんか as well, as sentences such as トムなんか好きでもない are translated as “I don’t even like Tom.”, I’m not entirely sure how でもない works, as I’ve heard that でもない can be used in other scenarios as well.
thanks in advance

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なんか is an interjection.

でもない I’m not sure is a set expression, rather it’s 好き + でも + ない:

  • 好き - like
  • でも - (not) even
  • ない - not

Would that make more sense?

I would personally interpret the 好きでも as “like or anything” where the でも is more to indicate one of N things.


As far as I know, in this case, it has a similar meaning to “someone like that”, “something like that”, with a bit of a condescending connotation.


Thanks😅 that does actually make more sense

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That makes sense, thanks :blush: