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I’ve seen a lot of people reset after staying a while on level 60, wouln’t that be fun if it added a little + sign on the forum for you to know that you have fully resetted (from 60 to 1) once? Like a New Game + on video game, when you start all over but still remember everything you did, or keep a bonus from past save, etc.

Could even goes even further and put the number of resets next to the “+” like “+3”, rpg-style.

Also, not forum oriented this time, this could be cool to have auto-skip lessons by default on the main site for those resetting, and/or SRS speed up to review stuff faster since you’ve already done everything.

Just an idea, let me know if it sounds cool. (Especially @koichi or @viet or any other wk staff)


Can’t remember who posted this originally, but I got it from here somewhere. I think pretty relevant for this sort of thing. Have to expand to see the whole thing.


I kind of disagree, here it wouldn’t be level of proficiency, since you’d be doing the same content. A level 25(+) is just a level 60 that resetted once


Right, but then I get to see the reminder that someone has reset and made it to 60 n times in the same time it has taken me to get to level n once.


When you reset from 60 you should become level 61, and your level will continue to rise as you level up. Leebo would be like level 180


I was thinking of maybe just resurrecting everything level by level, so I can do it all over, but keep the 60. Or resurrect everything, then reorder script by level.
I have a few more years though before I’ll need to decide.


I’d just prefer 3 levels of testing instead of 2 and give out extra levels of experience: JP → reading / Jp → meaning / Eng → Japanese

I suspect this would decrease resets because 1) you learn it better and 2) it’s too painful to consider doing it again. I know there is KameSame and whatnot but I’d rather have it on a single platform. I’ve starting setting my decks to this in Kitsun and I’m starting to appreciate this format in one place and have this criteria tied to each vocab item. Not to mention, WK has a lot of typing, not sure I would want to repeat this whole process exactly the same way from the beginning…or so I say now.

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I guess, but speed isn’t a measure of knowledge, but efficiency (and spare time too), and also it doesn’t really matter, you’ll know the same kind of stuff.

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