Need help with safari user scripts

I need help using user scripts on safari (and chrome) on iPad/iOS please. Do I make a “Userscripts” folder myself? If it’s already there, I don’t see it in my iCloud Drive or “on my iPad”, etc. where is it?

  • Click the “Set Userscripts Directory” button and select the directory, within the, where your userscripts are located and where you wish newly installed userscripts to be placed
    • Tip: for optimal cross platform experience it’s a good idea to use an iCloud folder for syncing between macOS and iOS
    • Note: syncing between macOS and iOS is not immediate, it is sometimes necessary to open in order to applying changes made in macOS to be reflected in iOS - that includes userscript deletions, additions and edits

You need to install a userscript manager extension, such as Tampermonkey