My Way of Japanese continues after a Corona break

Aaaaa, got it. Thank you very much!

Lv. 58 means you’re 2 steps away from turning into a Japanese Pro. Congrats! (beforehand)
Did you always skip the vocabs by pressing G?

Anyways I´ll have to achieve a decent lv. of Kanji understanding because I`ll be going to Japan in about 10 months. So I need to be prepared.
Is there anything to look out for, or is there any advice you can give me along the way?

  • Being a pro in Japanese after having finished Wanikani? Nope, Japanese isn’t only about kanji.
  • I used a reorder script to prioritize kanji.
  • If you copy me and do a level kanji every week you should have a decent foundation of kanji after 10 months of Wanikani. A warning: You need some discipline for that :sweat_smile:
  • Doing more and also looking at grammer or hearing/speaking depends on your time budget and what you will do in Japan.
  • If your money budget allows it :smile: also think about Wanikani lifetime.

100 lessons left.
You remember Albert Einstein? Near the speed of light time is slowing down.

Only 10 days of lessons left. I´m feeling that time is slowing down too now :sweat_smile:

50 lessons left

Updating refresh interval a little bit.


40 lessons left
Just for the different crabigator.

20 lessons
Where have all the durtles gone? :rofl:


Wow, so close now!!

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ZERO lessons ZERO reviews

An important milestone reached. :wine_glass: :beer: :tropical_drink:
My lessons heatmap.

Originally I had planned a visit to Japan for October 2020. In August 2020 I stopped with Wanikani. Frustrated by the cancellation of the visit because of Corona. In April last year I started again. See beginning of this thread. The break in August to October 2022 then was caused by family problems and five weeks in Japan in October.
Review forecast.
With a perfect performance I would be done until September, when I will go to Japan.
All in all this would mean a 5 year Wanikani journey!



It’s been a long haul.

Where have all the apprentices gone …
I’m sure you remember this song :grin: I still have it on a record from Joan Baez. Any proposals for the continuation?


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Less than a hundred gurus!


Where have all the (old) gurus gone
So gurus are done too. Sort of. What you still can see are three leeches and three new kana gurus.


< 200 masters


< 100 masters

Where have all the masters gone …
The couple of masters left are brand new hiragana masters.

So still 1320 kanji and vocabs to burn.

holy moly, thats awesome dude. Reading this made my day and motivated me thanks man. Keep going :triumph:

< 1200 enlightened


1001 enlightened
Isn’t this also a nice milestone?


300 enlightened left
So after a Wanikani break and after it a posting break the latest score.