My Way of Japanese continues after a Corona break

Aaaaa, got it. Thank you very much!

Lv. 58 means you’re 2 steps away from turning into a Japanese Pro. Congrats! (beforehand)
Did you always skip the vocabs by pressing G?

Anyways I´ll have to achieve a decent lv. of Kanji understanding because I`ll be going to Japan in about 10 months. So I need to be prepared.
Is there anything to look out for, or is there any advice you can give me along the way?

  • Being a pro in Japanese after having finished Wanikani? Nope, Japanese isn’t only about kanji.
  • I used a reorder script to prioritize kanji.
  • If you copy me and do a level kanji every week you should have a decent foundation of kanji after 10 months of Wanikani. A warning: You need some discipline for that :sweat_smile:
  • Doing more and also looking at grammer or hearing/speaking depends on your time budget and what you will do in Japan.
  • If your money budget allows it :smile: also think about Wanikani lifetime.

100 lessons left.
You remember Albert Einstein? Near the speed of light time is slowing down.

Only 10 days of lessons left. I´m feeling that time is slowing down too now :sweat_smile:

50 lessons left

Updating refresh interval a little bit.

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40 lessons left
Just for the different crabigator.

20 lessons
Where have all the durtles gone? :rofl:


Wow, so close now!!

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ZERO lessons ZERO reviews

An important milestone reached. :wine_glass: :beer: :tropical_drink:
My lessons heatmap.

Originally I had planned a visit to Japan for October 2020. In August 2020 I stopped with Wanikani. Frustrated by the cancellation of the visit because of Corona. In April last year I started again. See beginning of this thread. The break in August to October 2022 then was caused by family problems and five weeks in Japan in October.
Review forecast.
With a perfect performance I would be done until September, when I will go to Japan.
All in all this would mean a 5 year Wanikani journey!



It’s been a long haul.

Where have all the apprentices gone …
I’m sure you remember this song :grin: I still have it on a record from Joan Baez. Any proposals for the continuation?


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Less than a hundred gurus!


Where have all the (old) gurus gone
So gurus are done too. Sort of. What you still can see are three leeches and three new kana gurus.


< 200 masters

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