My troubles with transitive/intransitive verb pairs and strategy going forward

Just realized I haven’t read the original post thoroughly enough.

I think the second one (intransitive) should be 広がる. The “out” part might add to the meaning and there might be other words in Japanese which fit the bill a little better. I also kept 広げる as “spread out” for lack of a better synonym.

Jisho lists “erect” as one of the meanings of 立てる. Perhaps that also works? :slight_smile: However, there is a different 建てる which is closer in meaning to “erect”.

I had the exact same problem… These two eluded me for a long while, because they’re challenging to translate into English. It helped me to look up other words using the 通 kanji :slight_smile: .

In most cases yes, but for example 引き返す can be intransitive meaning “to turn back / to return”.