My review summary percentages are dropping!

So for the past few weeks I’ve been inconsistent with my amount of reviews (from 50 to 150 per day) which may be the cause of my problem, but anyway, my corrected answered percentages seem to be dropping :frowning: Technically I am still making some progress for a few items but this means most of them… in limbo? (my spelling mistakes for readings don’t help either)…

Considering my level and that I can only really put a couple hours in a day, how can I make better use of my time/reviewing?


For spelling mistakes, you may want to use the Double Check extension, which allows you to type things again in case of a typo. On iOS, the Tsurukame app also allows you to change an answer to correct if you ever do a typo. Both really really useful :grinning:


When you say dropping each review session, how much? Like from 80% to 30%? Because if they stay above 75%, maybe even 60% or 50%, I wouldn’t worry too much about it. Yeah, it’s sad to see a low accuracy percentage, but I see that as the SRS working - it catches the things I don’t know well and cycles them back in. Honestly, I don’t worry too much about mine (they tend to be in the 70%-90% range depending on the number of items reviewed, which works for me)

If you’d still like to get a better percentage, there’s always this self-study script, but be careful not to mess up the SRS with it. I would recommend using it after reviews, not before.

I hope you find a good rhythm with your reviews! Best of luck!


My last review session was around 43%, but I used to get around 70% consistently in the past :sweat:

I actually already had the self-study script beforehand but haven’t used it much except for re-reviewing burned items every so often… Taking a look at the additional filters, the leech training looks interesting so I might try that, unless there are better options?


Have you incorporated other Japanese learning in alongside WK? It might help you to slow down on WK but increase other sources. It’s easier to remember words when you see them in context. If you like test-based learning like WK, maybe just spend some time on an app like LingoDeer or Duolingo? Those can help you see and recall words in the context of sentences rather than in a vacuum.


I’ve recently been using an All in one kanji deck on Anki and have slooowly been working my way through Tae Kim’s guides (also kaniwani, but fairly infrequently). I do like the preset test-based learning though, so I’ll try see how I get on with LingoDeer alongside :slight_smile:

Great! The key is to find something to learn that isn’t just single vocab/kanji. It takes a long time to get used to stringing sentences together. :slight_smile:

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