My retention seems to be getting worse

Sure. You’ll always have unknown words since wanikani doesn’t cover everything, but you’ll know a lot of useful stuff too.

Tadoku graded readers free to read online.

The Absolute Beginner Book Club here on the forum reads easy manga volumes. All choices have furigana so no kanji knowledge needed, and there are vocab sheets as well. You can also ask questions in old threads and users will still answer them if you have any grammar questions. The easiest past books are 小さな森のオオカミちゃん、ハピネス、and レンタルおにいちゃん

Satori Reader is a paid site but an excellent resource with built in lookups and grammar explanations. There’s also an appreciation thread here on the forums that goes in more depth on how to use it, which series to read first, etc.

Happy reading! :slightly_smiling_face: