My Japanese Daily Study Log

04/29/2020 6:23 AM 04/30/2020 Another Late night early morning session that is not me being early its me being late.

I almost had it this morning, The alarm i set went of and i was too tired to get up but eventually i got up and i was only an hour late to the alarm to do my reviews and i said that’s still good, im gonna get to it in just a bit right after i do some things. This was at 3pm, I finally got to my reviews at a little later than 6am, RIP. I’m gonna get this i swear!

I did my reviews and unlocked 28 items, going to go do at least 20 lessons now but depending on how comfortable i am with all of them being that its my 3rd time doing this level i might do them all. ill report back when im done.


04/29/2020 6:38 AM 04/30/2020

ok, i did all 28 lessons in 5 mins, i remembered 80% of the lessons so that helped. I wish you could speed up WaniKani for when you fall behind and reset to an earlier level you don’t have to take it at the original pace if you don’t want too. I think that would help allot! allot easier to reset than go over a bunch of random stuff, Much easier if Wanikani expedited the process to get you back to where you were quicker so you could be back on track to finish. Did what i say make any sense at all or only in my head?


04/30/2020 3:45 AM 05/01/2020 Another amazingly late session.

Did my reviews, not much else to report. I almost had it today, i woke up early enough and went to my computer and i said i’m gonna do my reviews early today, Yes!! i did it! then i said im just gonna do this real quick and ill do my reviews right after. Next thing i know it’s almost 4am, Way to go me!


05/01/2020 5:23 AM 05/02/2020 I’m consistently late to my reviews, it’s amazing.

These late reviews are really something. nothing much to report today, Did my reviews, unlocked 21 lessons, Completed the lessons and currently waiting for the next set of reviews.


05/02/2020 2:47 PM Yes that’s correct, I finally did it!! disregard the post time as im updating this late

Feels so good doing my reviews earlier!! I’m so happy! not much to report did my reviews and thats it. should be leveling up soon.


05/02/2020 7:24 PM

Another review session! lets go!! i feel good now, like im actually getting back in the routine of things.


05/03/2020 5:44 AM Another set of reviews

not much to report, did my reviews and thats about it but i’m on the right track. Its going to be a very boring 2 months until i get back up to level 10. I will be starting KaniWani as soon as i finish level 2 and i will be updating that info here as well. I’m currently contemplating what im gonna do for grammar but i’m not sure yet. i think about Bunpro and Japanese from zero but i also think about my Kanji and vocab knowledge and i really want to focus on the grammar instead of looking up every word. The original plan was to start doing Grammar by level 10, thats why i was so excited to get to level 10 but we all know what happened there. Don’t know if i should deviate from that since i fell behind or if i should stick to the plan. Thoughts anyone?


You’ve reached lvl 10 a couple of times now, and you chose to reset because of breaks in WK and resulting review backlogs not because you completely forgot everything, so I would say to give grammar a try now. Because WK is a kanji app, not a most-useful-vocab app, you will still need to learn some new vocab while you are studying grammar. If it feels overwhelming, leave it for a few more levels and try again, but the sooner you get going with the grammar, the sooner you will be able to start reading (which is way more interesting than either WK or grammar books/apps).

Congrats on getting your reviews done earlier!


I would recommend Cure Dolly for grammar (others have recommended her on WK):

The presentation seems a bit odd at first, but she’s a great teacher. I’m only up to episode 8 of that playlist, slowly working my way through it but I’ve picked up the pace with it a bit more recently. Only partially started 1 of the 2 worksheets given (she provides them in some of the videos).

As for lessons and reviews - I try to do reviews twice daily, with 4 - 8 lessons after the reviews (depending on the amount of reviews). Keeping reviews to 0 is my primary goal, and even if I miss a day or two of reviews I rarely have more than 60 or so piled up.

I just accept the long road - learning Japanese is a hobby for me, that I enjoy, but I don’t want it to take up too much of my time. I have felt the pain of doing too many lessons and letting my reviews pile up. You said you were happy with 20 lessons a day, but you could always reduce it and watch a Cure Dolly video each day or every 2 days (if you end up liking her videos anyways). I had used Bunpro a bit and it was good, I may go back and pay for it. But before I decide to do so, I want to get through most of the Cure Dolly videos, then rewatch some of them and take notes.

Just wanted to share my experience, hope it helps! :grin:

EDIT: Just to give some context - I’m not a fan of reading through textbooks, nor am I particularly familiar with some grammar terms, which is why I like Cure Dolly - It seems some people dislike to the way ideas are presented as “easy” and how she says the textbooks teach things wrong. It’s important to find the right resource for you; this is certainly a more alternative resource, but it seems a lot of people like the more alternate explanations (Which are based on ‘Making Sense of Japanese’ by Jay Rubin). While the textbooks might not necessarily be “wrong” as Cure Dolly says, I personally like the explanations provided by her. Also the whole “non-human” persona she assumes is rather curious, but interesting in a funny way.


05/03/2020 3:36 PM On a roll with the early reviews.

Just did my reviews and im back to level 3, 7 more to go! Unlocked 89 lessons and will be attending to them as soon as im done posting this and afterwards i will go to KaniWani.

@Rowena reading must be allot of fun cause you can actually see the fruits of your labor pay not to mention you can read manga and call it studying. I will give grammar shot and if it feels overwhelming and doesn’t work out i will stick with WaniKani for a few more levels and return to grammar and give it another go.

@Neuronic I am going to give Cure Dolly a go as iv’e heard good things about her and i think i’m gonna like the format, I will update with my thoughts after a few lessons.

Thank you all!


05/03/2020 4:01 PM

Just completed KaniWani, Only had 41 lessons since i set it to only add guru level vocab from WaniaKani. I had it set to apprentice before and i was failing allot and it just felt overwhelming, With it set to guru it gives me a little more time to get familiar with the vocab before i start drilling them in KaniWani.

I also did my 20 lessons from WaniKani, I did use the reorder script to do all 20 radicals first but i think that’s as far as im gonna go with reordering. after that ill do them as they come up. Don’t want to leave vocab behind. I will be watching the Cure Dolly lessons, already watched the first one. No opinion yet, but i do need to review my Kana, I never really used Katakana so i forgot mostly everything but i’m thinking about switching the Kanji to Katakana to get used to it. Any thoughts on that? Thanks.


05/04/2020 1:39 PM

Did my WaniKani reviews and also did my KaniWani reviews, not much else to report i didn’t review my kana yet but i will be getting to that tomorrow hopefully.


For katakana, I’d suggest the following:

  1. Review the guide on Tofugu:
  2. Do the drag-n-drop exercise:
  3. Practice the extended sets on realkana:
  4. Occasionally review some gairaigo using this Anki deck:

05/05/2020 4:24 AM couldn’t keep the early streak going, gonna have to start a new streak tomorrow.

Did my reviews on both WaniKani and KaniWani. Did 25 lessons today, i feel comfortable with the material so it’s not a problem, might up it tomorrow to 30 depending on how comfortable i am with the material, i remember allot more than i expected. I’m still fine with the reset thou, i know most people like to reset a couple levels but in this specific scenario i preferred to just start fresh.

Didn’t have time today to review my kana but i will be doing the Tofugu guide and doing the Drag n Drop and Real Kana. That’s how i first learned kana and its extremely effective! I forgot about those sites, Thanks @Neuronic! I’m not a big fan of anki thou, i could never get the decks to work properly and i don’t like the fact that they don’t test you on the material. I know about Kitsun and i will be revisiting them tomorrow to see what decks are avail. So far iv’e watched 2 episodes of Cure Dolly and i do like her approach to teaching, but i am going to need a text book. She can be a little bit confusing and i wish she would explain more with more detail and wish she had more examples. She does a great job but i also don’t feel like it sticks with me just watching an 8 minute video. i need something to practice on to make sure i’m learning the material and not just watching a video and forgetting it later. I think i’m gonna use her as a supplement. I think im gonna go the Japanese from zero approach. i really like there text book along with there videos, The only thing really holding me back with them is the Vocab and Kanji. Thats one of the things i really liked about Cure Dolly, you didn’t have to worry about that. What i’m probably gonna do is see if i can find a good JFZ deck with the vocab and kanji used and study that and if i cant find a good one i will probably just bight the bullet and make one the way i want in Kitsun.


There is a Genki I & II deck in Kitsun if you’re a little flexible about your grammar textbook/workbook selection depending on support materials. There is also the Genki Self-study Room with audio and some video and a Genki app with flashcards (link comes with the books)


05/06/2020 5:13 AM i actually did my review and lessons about 3 hours ago and only had time to write my update now

Very busy day for me, working on a project truck of mine and i should be finished with this stage of the build by Friday and i might be able to finish it completely before Monday. That would be great for me! but then again not sure but either way ill be wrapping this up next week for sure i suspect and that will give me allot more time to study and get back to a more efficient Japanese schedule.

As for how this will affect my Japanese studies. I will be keeping up and at least be doing 1 session of reviews and lessons plus my daily study log update minimum until i finish my project. Hopefully i can find the time to squeeze in more but that will be the minimum.

As for today’s session I was not able to do my kana review today for the 3rd day in a row, I will be keeping count. Besides that i did my WK and KW reviews and 25 lessons on WK.

@Rowena I don’t know if i will be flexible on that, JPFZ really has me by the 金玉. I really like George Trombley. His videos are actually fun to watch and he brings a fun energy which my girl Cure Dolly could learn a thing or two from(not dissing Cure Dolly, She’s great and i love her but lets be honest, she’s not winning personality of the year award. No offense). I appreciate the suggestion and i will see how JPFZ goes first, if or when i feel like i need more i will definitely be going to Genki. Thanks!



Most people complain grammar is boring, so it’s a great sign that you’re so passionate about this book. All the best!


05/06/2020 12:40 PM i managed to squeeze a quick review session.

I managed to find myself in front of my computer and said “let me squeeze in a quick session” and thats exactly what i did. It wasn’t much but it definitely helps. No KW reviews avail. Will do lessons later today or tonight.


05/07/2020 6:25 AM completed everything about 2 hours ago just got sidetracked and doing my update now

I managed to get some kana study in today but it wasn’t much. I want to make sure i review my hiragana for a day or two before i move on to katakana. I messed up a couple characters but nothing a little reviewing wont fix. As for WK and KW still no reviews or lessons avail for KW but for WK i went 0/0 today. Did my reviews and finished of the 29 lessons since i knew mostly all of them. I hopped on to Kitsun and found a Japanese from zero deck but i wasn’t able to review its contents so i don’t know if its what im looking for or not so what im going to do is message the creator and see if he can give me some info about what exactly is in the deck.


I expect the creator will be able to give you a more thorough reply, but I took a screenshot of the description blurb. It looks like there are 213 cards so far.

Are you not able to have a closer look at the deck using the free trial period?

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