My custom mnemonic for Cow (牛)

So, WaniKani mnemonic for this uses “MUSH” word that I had no idea about and its kind of hard for me to form mnemonic with it (non-native english speaker). So I came up with this:

Stray calf (cow kid) come to me crying. Turns out, his mom was eaten by some humans! But poor girl managed to escape! I see something unusual in this little cow. Cow has very big USHI (ВУШІ) ears. So I give this cow a name USHI and keep her as my pet!

“Вуші” (Wushi) is a weird way of saying “ears” in Ukrainian :grinning:


That’s cool. I don’t speak Ukrainian but that does seem like a clever way of getting around a relatively weird mnemonic :+1:

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Haha, cool! I came to the same mnemonics with “ears” myself (“уши” in Russian!). I think calfs have very cute soft “ears” (“ushi”).

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Да, очень похожие слова в русском и украинском! В укр. больше последняя часть слова подходит (ші - shi - し) а в русском первая часть (у - u - う)!

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