Musical Mnemonics

Do you have any musical ways of remembering the kanji or vocabulary, their meanings or their pronunciations? This really helps me to retain them in my memory.

For example, I remember the pronunciation for 先回り by singing it to the tune of
Carly Simon’s 1970’s hit ‘Anticipation.’ SAH-KEE-MAH-WAH-REE…
(Yes, I am that old lol)



For 心 i sing the dutch children song “papa gaai ging fietsen” and replace papagaai by kokoro.

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This has helped and hindered me - for 並列 there’s the Cockroaches’ “Hei, retsu go! retsu go retsu go - In a row, In a row In a row”. Which it great for the vocab, but it stuffs me up for the individual kanji.

I know I’ve used songs in a few other places too. I’ll try to rememebr (they don’t pop up unless I see the Kanji).

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In kind of a roundabout way, the “I’m in heaven” part from Tom Tom Club’s Genius of Love helps me with the meaning for 天才 (I sing that part in my head and remember the song title, otherwise I might want to add stuff (“heavenly genius”?) or confuse it for “god” or something)

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I forgot to mention that I imagine totoro on a bike when i sing this

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