Mnemonics work and I hate it!

I’ve just recently started and I felt super juvenile reading a lot of the mnemonics, and felt silly thinking of them. I won’t lie, I thought a lot of them were kind of stupid, and cringed reading most of them.

…but then I actually found myself remembering them during my reviews. In fact, the memory of cringing at the awkwardness of certain mnemonics is sometimes what brings them back. The sillier the mnemonic, the easier it seems to be to remember, and I hate it! LOL! Any of you in a similar love-hate relationship with these?

I hate to admit they work but they do! Grah!! Curse you, WaniKani, for making a system that works so well but makes me feel so silly!


Yeah, same here, but only after having the item bounce around Apprentice I and II for far too long. In other words, prepare for a lot more of the same as you level up…

Being angry or frustrated over bad mnemonics is in itself a good mnemonic. Eventually. Doesn’t make the bad mnemonics any less bad, of course. Or less frustrating, or less infuriating. Especially since so many of WK’s mnemonics are just downright counter-intuitive and counter-productive if English is not your first language…

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Ahahah if it helps tone down the silliness you can always create your own. But it seems that they are working pretty well for you already!

I do on rare occasions, but only for things that I’ve seen elsewhere that are easier to remember from personal experiences. I should probably do that a bit more though.

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I thought Ms. Chou was silly and “that’ll never help me”. But what do you know, two reviews later and she’s all I could think about. It is a very love-hate relationship.

Sometimes I don’t like the mnemonics provided (e.g., ethically) or my own mnemonic makes more sense to me and I change them. That works from time to time and sometimes not … :wink: … and yes, the sillier they are, the more memorable they become.

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