Mnemonics for hypothesis, assumption, estimation, etc

予定, 予想, 仮定, 想定

I’ve been having a really hard time with these vocab, so I wrote my own sentences to try get them to stick. Just sharing here in case it’s useful for anyone else.

If anyone has good examples to help differentiate how these are actually used, I’d be very grateful!!

予定 plan, schedule, estimate
You need to determine what the cost and timeframe of your project will be beforehand. You create an estimate and a schedule in order to properly plan your project.

予想 expectation, anticipation, expect, anticipate, prediction
Beforehand, you only have a vague concept of what will happen. You don’t know exactly how things will turn out yet, but you do have some expectations and anticipations. These allow you to make a prediction about how things will go.

仮定 assumption, hypothesis
You temporarily make a determination about something. This determination is only temporary, because you know that assumptions are often wrong. That’s why your assumption is just a hypothesis.

想定 hypothesis, supposition, assumption, estimation
When you determine something about a philosophical concept, you can only make a supposition. The concept is up for debate, so you have to make assumptions based on a hypothesis that other people can argue with. In philosophy, no matter how close you get to reality, it’s still just an estimation.

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Very nice!
By the way, there are more similar words coming.

仮説 hypothesis (lv.17)
予報 forecast (lv. 18)
推定 estimate, estimation, assumption (lv. 34)
推測 conjecture, speculation (lv. 35)
予測 prediction (lv. 35)
憶測 guess, speculation (lv. 48)


lol, oh no!! I 予想 that these will be very frustrating.


I got a bad 予感 about this.

Not on WaniKani but a common word regardless:
presentiment, premonition, hunch


Yeah, 嫌な予感がする or 嫌な予感しかしない are indeed super common, and pretty much the exact equivalents of “I have a bad feeling about this” :slight_smile:


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