Misremembered Mnemonics

That makes sense, I just felt that I had the same exact problem with those two so I switched up the mnemonics for にゅう and it helped me a lot during the phase where I needed the mnemonic to remember it ^^ As time flies though it won’t be needed anymore and I can now answer it without the use of the mnemonic. But just saying that it can work when you get a new item and are using a mnemonic for it to come up with something that you can relate to better, especially if you feel like the mnemonic provided doesn’t cut it for you :smiley:

I took classes in effective studying and memory techniques when I was around 6 years old, I always used mnemonics for stuff, also, as English is not my first language I make mnemonics in Polish for sounds that work better that way for me. :smiley:

On another note, the mnemonic that does not work for me at all is the SEI one, with Hard Gay. I usually try do make my own mnemonic for that one.

Heh, in my case it’s the other way around - I’ve never yet forgotten any item with that mnemonics :slight_smile:

I think it may because I have no idea who Hard Gay is, and even after I checked it still helps me not at all :slight_smile:

I use portuguese for that one, “eu sei” means I know in portuguese, so I use it for correct, and “I know about life”

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I never liked Hard Gay either. But he appears so freaking often, that after a time I started creating my very own picture of him. He’s become a person like Miss Chou… Same goes for Charlie Sheen. Don’t even know who exactly that is.

Few days ago I got ‘food’ for ‘ふう’ and for ‘ふだ’ in the same lesson batch. And with the first review coming up, of course I interchanged them.

立つ is probably soon due for enlightened. And I can’t remember the reading…

Hint: NOT よっつ。

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For me the problem with Hard Gay as a mnemonic is that げい is a reading too. It’s much less common than せい though, so I guess if they wanted to use Hard Gay, they went with the one that was going to appear more times.

I definitely agree with Metamorphosis. There’s been a few items that I made a Mnemonic that was simpler for me to remember. Like with ‘finish’ 了 I came up with 'FINISH the race in Rio". I think the Wanikani mnemonic was something about row houses, but I kept using ろ instead of りょ.

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My eight things have been knocked back to apprentice because of that goshdarn yacht

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same here 5+ years later… native French speaker here, and we were taught at school to pronounce yacht as ‘ee-o-t’ , so total mnemonic fail :rofl: , switching to German for that one “Ja acht” (yes eight!).

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