May 3rd Daily Reading ブラックジャックによろしく Manga


I figure continuing to use off-topic makes it quicker to scroll past though, and if someone has a legitimate contribution to the intended discussion in future it will be more obvious where it resumes :sweat_smile:

Also just a note that it doesn’t actually tag people if you include their name in the title of the drop-down thingy :+1:

Regarding your difficulties purchasing, Shannon-8; I’m not sure why it’s not available in general (presumably some strange COVID-related thing?), but for future reference for yourself…

You first need to have a separate account for Amazon Japan - you can’t use your US account to purchase things from Amazon Japan. Secondly (and I don’t read eBooks, so I’m no expert on this), you need Amazon to think you’re in Japan. I know some people put in a random Japanese address in order to buy Kindle eBooks, and often you have to use a VPN just for the first purchase (or if you later get denied again) and set your location to Japan. I’ve seen people recommend

I also just wanted to mention - I know you’re interested in reading Kiki because you actually want to read Kiki :slightly_smiling_face: but if you do end up finding it too much of a slog, we’ve done easier books in the past which also have vocab sheets and places for you to ask questions and so on. I highly recommend 銭天堂 as a super enjoyable kid’s book (it is rather lacking in kanji, which can be painful for beginners, but again the vocab sheet helps), or if you want something even easier there are the Doggy / Kitty Detective books. I realise that looks like I’m just shilling my own clubs :thinking: but those are genuinely good ones if you want an alternative to manga!

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