Maximum reviews per day to complete WK in 1 year?

same, I had to hit the breaks hard this month because things were starting to go too fast and I still need to eat by the end of the month :skull:


I’ve been doing it like a bot:

Worst days were probably in the 400-500. (Stack of multiple maturities of reviews on a day, say the level up from 3 weeks ago, last week, current, then 2x new words) + doing the recent lessons 1-2 times a day on top of that.
Horrible chore though.

(The long level 53 is due to me putting vacation mode on for 2 weeks and going to Japan).


This is both impressive and scary


I reached my level 40 objective and have been slowing down. I decided to do 5 lessons/day for a little while as my review load drops, I’ll probably increase to ~10 later:

It’s so nice not to have to worry about getting your reviews and lessons in time for the level up. My review load is also dropping sharply already because of fewer new lessons, I get a little over 100 reviews/day after only a few days, and I should drop below 100 by the end of the week unless I get really bad accuracy.

I absolutely do not regret “speedrunning” the first 30 levels or so but it’s pretty clear to me that by this point my time will be much better spent reading and focusing on other aspects of the language.

Kanji are no longer the limiting factor when trying to read Japanese, it’s almost always vocabulary or grammar (including idiomatic constructions).


i’ve changed my mindset from wanting to finish Wanikani in a certain amount of time to just spending a certain amount of time doing kanji learning with SRS for maybe the rest of my life and spending the rest of my Japanese focused time to doing reading and listening in an enjoyable way.


Yeah as I mention I think it’s well worth getting a solid base of maybe ~1000 kanji relatively quickly because those come back all the time in basically any context so you may as well just memorize them ASAP, but beyond that I don’t think that going “kanji-first” makes a lot of sense, it’s better to switch to mining the content that you read and memorize a kanji only when you think it’s actually useful.

It’s also a lot easier to remember something when you can tie it to something meaningful instead of just “hey WaniKani wants me to memorize the kanji for ‘honey’ today for some reason, but also it won’t let me study that kanji that keeps coming up in that thing I’m reading because it’s on level 53”.


Agreed. The most important part is getting to 30 ish, maybe 35 as soon as possible, the rest you get through eventually anyway with immersion and can go abit easier on. I have no stats, but I’m willing to bet that at level 30 you’d probably be able to read 80% of stuff during every day immersion, especially with content that is fairly simple every day stuff and not too technical and complicated. Maybe 90% at 40.

That way you’d be able to immerse fairly easily and progress quickly.


Can vouch for this from my own experience. But quitting at 35 or whatever I quit at originally was too soon to learn purely via immersion. Now I can though. I’m still aiming at finishing WK. But hitting a bit of a boiling point where I’m tired of my schedule being dictated so heavily by reviews.

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