Made it to Level 20!

Cool! Finding pace (and schedule) is not always easy and we have quite a few threads from durtles looking for advice. So, I’m super happy to read that you found some that works for you.

I can’t say much about “Genki” but we do have a couple of study group threads in here. If you like, check in with them whether there are some people interested in going through it together. Sometimes, going through it together can do the trick :slight_smile:

Awesome. If you like check out the [Graded readers thread]. Have a look into the different free or paid options and feel free to ask any questions about content, vocab or grammar.

Another option is our Absolute Beginner Book Clubs (ABBC). I think, they just started a new book recently.

And ~ what a coincidence ~ we have a casual Q&A style of “book club” for the NHK Easy articles as well :smirk:

Well, everyone has their own entry points that work for them.

If you like, have a look into the introductions sub-folder where new durtles can introduce themselves. Personally, I think it feels super nice if an introduction receives some replies either with colorful pictures, helpful links or some personal message. And it doesn’t take that much time or effort either to reply to those posts, I think.

Another option would be to have a look into the level specific sub-forums. You’re joining us in the death levels soon, so feel free to have a look into the Death 2021 group once you finished level 20. It is run by a very friendly “sleepy” raccoon :raccoon:

And in case you go for one of the book clubs it might happen automatically anyways :blush: