🔊 🎙 Listen Every Day Challenge - Winter 2023 ❄ 🧤

Joining in for the off-month, focusing on both Japanese and Spanish as usual!

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= Japanese
= Japanese and Spanish

I challenged myself this year to read/listen to something in both Spanish and Japanese every single day for 365 days, and I completed this goal in January and February with the reading challenge, so I’m hoping to continue it with listening!

What I'm planning on listening to in Spanish:

At the end of last year, I discovered that I can watch Bob Esponja (SpongeBob Squarepants) without subtitles in any language and have decent comprehension, so that’s what I’m planning to use for the majority of my daily listening!

I might also listen to some podcast episodes, especially if the weather warms up and I can go on walks again, but I’m wondering if I might have outgrown the Duolingo podcast, and should consider finding something a bit harder…

What I'm planning on listening to in Japanese:

This will surprise absolutely no one, but the majority of my listening will probably be pro wrestling :sweat_smile:! I’ll be watching a fair amount of wrestling shows as usual, as well as watching post-match interviews and press conferences in order to translate them.

My main priority is Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling, but I watch a lot of DDT Pro Wrestling and a fair amount of Pro Wrestling NOAH as well, plus occasional other stuff that catches my interest. Wrestling shows themselves are more or less passive immersion for me in that I basically just let them wash over me and take whatever I can get (with the exception of some TJPW stuff that I translate).

With post-match comments and press conferences, I typically have a transcript that I can follow along with, though it frequently has mistakes and typos and often leaves out stuff, so I’ve needed to rely on my listening ability plenty of times as well.

Besides wrestling, I’m thinking of using the challenge as an excuse to watch a couple anime shows that I’d been meaning to watch, haha. I want to watch the Tokyo Mew Mew reboot, and the new Aggretsuko season. I might try out language reactor to see if I can get both English and Japanese subtitles on Aggretsuko. I’m definitely not quite ready yet to try watching content with only Japanese subtitles (or with no subtitles, unless it’s wrestling or something that can be enjoyed at any level of comprehension).

I guess we’ll see how it goes? My plan for Japanese is admittedly way less set in stone than my plan for Spanish is :sweat_smile:.