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April 7th

Two more episodes of Good Morning Call. There are still quite a few words I don’t understand, but I’m able to follow the plot well enough. It helps that the show is hitting pretty much every typical trope you could think of.

Speaking of, there was a moment in one of the episodes that I absolutely despised: the main love interest, Uehara, works at a cafe, and the owner’s daughter hangs around there a lot because she, like every other young lady, has a crush on Uehara. She gets her father to tell her where he lives (glad he’s someone willing to give out private information), and when she goes to his apartment, of course main girl Nao is there and answers the door. Not only does she barge in and demand answers (which is annoying but whatever), but she GRABS Nao’s breasts from behind and makes a comment on the size. She then comments on Uehara’s sister-in-law’s chest size (who is also visiting). The sister-in-law then makes a comment that this 15-year-old’s C cups (which, from the other two’s reaction to hearing the size, must be the freaking pinnacle of cups) will probably sag with age.

The manga ran from 1997 to 2002, so would I be super surprised to see this sort of thing? Probably not, though it would still bother me. However, this show was made in 2016, and it’s just kind of disheartening that this portion of the story wasn’t reconsidered. I’m just so over women tearing other women down when it comes to stuff like this.