🔊 🎙 Listen Every Day Challenge - Fall 2022 🍁

Nov 3, Thu of Week 6 of Fall 2022 :maple_leaf:

I watched half an episode of Yurucamp S2 EP.8. I felt it hard today.

I listened to 3 episodes of Learn Japanese with Noriko. 2 of them, I listened twice.

In particular, Youtube 10k talks about some other podcast’ers. Nonetheless, I listened to this one once. I feel that I chose podcast heavily based to whether I like the sound or not, like loudness and the pace. And of course, clarity. Indeed, I don’t like it too slow, but there are also other things. I need to find some male voice? (Though, I like Onomappu somewhat. SoraTheTroll is OK, but sometimes don’t like the topic.)

Other topics, probably most of them, have questions in-between, so answering is good. I am thinking of reading aloud, and inserting my answers in-between; otherwise I don’t like pausing. I have transcripts, because I subscribed to her Patreon. (Well, yesterday.)

I also like Nihongo SWiTCH’s Yamamoto Iku’s voice, so I subscribed to hers as well; although subscription isn’t needed to see the transcipts. (2 weeks ago, although I listened before that.)

I also listened to another one from Sayuri’s interviewing, where I can’t really catch, so I just gave up.

About listening improvement, I am considering some phonetics lessons. I also think that vocabulary lists, although more from reading, would help as well. Although my vocabulary list denotes various pitch accent patterns, I don’t quite hear things like 中高 or 尾高. (Although I understand there are pitch patterns vocabularies probably won’t escape, therefore more simplified notations.)

There is also Dogen’s interview linked to, so there are more interesting things than just pitch accents and some other phonetics explanations.