Leveling up very slowly, am I doing something wrong?

Ah, dang it. Thanks for the reminder. I’ve been using the script so long (with no success to speak of :rofl:) that I forgot about those. Though it’s all relative because that just means the next level would be a little shorter on account of you having done those before you level up.


Thank you so much for your informative reply! You are very kind :slight_smile:

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For what it’s worth, I did 12 lessons a day (but often skipping one or two days per level if I was busy/tired), and I leveled up in about 15 days. But that was with a script to optimize the process a bit (linked to below).

Oh man, I probably average about 70% these days. Anything over 80% is pretty good in my opinion.

If you don’t mind using scripts, another option is to use Lesson Filter. It will let you mix radical, kanji, and vocab lessons together in whatever combination you want. That way you can mix stuff you find easier and stuff you find harder together, instead of having days of easy stuff followed by days of hard stuff. Just make sure you do 2-3 times as much vocab as kanji, or you’ll start to build a backlog.


I do about 30 new items a week, depending on my work schedule and my energy level. If it gets to be too much, l scale back. If they’re easy, l add more. I take a few weeks to level up. I would rather go slowly so it is still fun, instead of burning out. Sometimes l look ahead of time at new radicals. It really helps.

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And l would be THRILLED to usually get over 80% consistently on my reviews. My results are all over the map, but often in the 70’s and 80’s. Once in a while l see the coveted 100%, but more often than l would like to admit, the 60’s or even below, especially if I have recently woken up😊.

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