Level 9 is my new hell

My new hell would’ve been more appropriate lol

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Every Japanese person I’ve encountered and built a relationship with says the tradition of actual stroke order and handwriting kanji is becoming a thing of the past. Why? Technology, of course. There are your purists who believe that you should have this foundation and skill, but one friend said that even he, at 39 years old, has forgotten most stroke orders of a lot of kanji. Emails and texting have completely overtaken the writing component.

While I say this, I do practice stroke order in a separate kanji app on my iPad from time to time.

Oh yeah, in practical terms I don’t expect the knowledge to be useful long term, and I fully expect to have forgotten how to write most of them in a few years regardless, I just find that it helps with memorization because it forces me to pay attention to the details. Like for instance "is this component 又 or 夂? Is it 白 or 自? etc…

Or how there’s a subtle difference between 幸 and the component in 達 (one additional stroke) and between 業 and 僕 (one fewer stroke). I don’t think I would have noticed had I not taken the time to learn how to write them.

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My preference is to make sure I can figure out the stroke order for each new kanji, but that’s mostly because I enjoy knowing how to do it; I don’t know if it actually helps me to remember them or not. Stroke order was one of those things that seemed pretty difficult at the beginning but soon became a trifle after learning the basic patterns, so it never feels like a waste of time to me.

Hey there!

I must tell you, that I felt just the same at level 9. Like seriously: Levels from 6-8 were just as neat as level 10, but this magical thing happens between them, a difficulty spike emerging among the pleasant levels.

What is interesting about this phenomena, is that SRS Magic and most importantly mnemonics :star: just make things work, and I’m stunned when one night I just keep struggling with the vast majority of new words, then magically, in the morning I get most of them correct.

I have seriously no idea, how is this even possible, however other than amusement I just feel lucky, that WaniKani and SRS stuff works for me.

As being said, heads up, you gonna get through Level 9!

I’m also on level 9. I just finished all the kanji lessons and now onto the vocab lessons… I feel like I should be scared now… :melting_face: :laughing:

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I digress. Level 11 can kiss my ass :joy:


I feel as though I have been on level 9 for my entire life. It just won’t end!

Not to discourage but I feel like it only gets harder, but you get used to it. I burnt my first item yesterday though so I’m pumped.

maybe my stats can help you feel encouraged :joy:


I can make out what your kanjis are but they’re missing that little bit of nuance in the strokes. Such as starting and where to stop or lift your pen at the end of a stroke.

I recommend learning about the types of strokes there are as well as kanji shapes.

Edit: If you’re interested in writing that is. If you’re not don’t sweat it.

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Just wait until the twenties. For me like every level alternated between very easy and very difficult with no in between.

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I feel so seen, that was truly awful (the 20s)… I feel like it prepared me for the 30s where it’s definitely more of a I really don’t know most of these (at first time seeing them in the lessons), but I’m getting better at being prepared for the unknown rather than dreading it.

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I feel you. Let me tell you, if I weren’t already in Japan and studying vocab on my own, I would be struggling so bad. In that regard Renshuu and Dr. Stone have been God sends.


Great! I just leveled up to 9 yesterday … and being a bit crazy, I did all new items (108) in one go (I have a bit of extra time on my hands the next 2 weeks, so I thought I just go with it … so far I am not finding it much tougher, but my overall review numbers have never been that high … over 600 for the week (6 days? that forecast) …
I noticed some people sharing fancy graphs … I have discovered wkstats … what else is there I need? :smiley: Cheers

Thank you for the feedback, I’ve actually been working on that a bit since then, but my handwriting has always been terrible in every script…

I think I should invest in proper kanji practice paper too to make sure that I get the proportions right.

I need to check which size I used in my Shodo class, but I’ll update here when I get home and take some picture of my old notes.

Greatly appreciated!


I love the corrections! What do the large circles mean?