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Did you already checked those threads?

About which book to choose… I really only know Genki/Minna no Nihongo and Japanese From zero books.
But for what ive been reading and watching videos:

1 - Genki is the one with more outside resources - its supposed to be better to do with a partner. Has a lot of video lessons on youtube if you want some visual. Has a good pace and is not so hard. There is a lot of websites that have aditional conjugation and grammar drills and stuff…

2 - Japanese From Zero - is the easiest one, thats why its called “from zero”, has oficial videos on the youtube channel that are pretty easy to follow, and the guy is really funny. For me is the more “self-study” book of all, but ive been struggling (bored) to keep it up.

3 - Minna no Nihongo - teaches a lot of cultural aspects, its ALL japanese, but it does have supplementary books in almost every language, explaining the grammar.
I think this is best with a tutor. It also has a lot of youtube videos for each lesson (not official).

I did Japanese From Zero book 1 in less than 1 month, i think it really helped me understading japanese, but at the same time, the book 2 is kinda boring and repetitive, so im actually thinking about using another book from now on. (MinnaNoNihongo probably, since i have a tutor that prefer it)

PS: Jalup is supposed to be a good grammar learning method if you have the money. its so freaking expensive though

Be sure to check out https://www.bunpro.jp/

Price is so much better than Jalup