Lessons vs Reviews

I can totally relate to this! Please do make a post soon!

Here you go; A Hoarders Loot

I don’t use reorder script or anything like that. I try to do all my lessons in one sitting and keep that at zero. Sometimes, it takes two sittings because there will literally be like 100 in there. Then, I’ll go through my process of trying to actually commit them to memory which means a little reviewing outside of reviews.

My apprentice seems to always stay around 60-140. I prefer it around 140 since (it seems like) I get reviews more often then.

My guru is in the 400s, which most people will think is high. One thing I wish I’d done was reset when I actually began as my account is a million years old, but I didn’t actually start using it until like Jan of this year. Usually when I look at my data I hide level one.

I always do my reviews, then lessons if I still have time, or I am in determined mode. I think the most lessons I’ve done in a day was 70. At the moment, I have 168 lessons waiting for me – ugh, thanks level 12 – but I can’t face pushing my apprentice count back up into the 200-300 range.

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What do you think your best method of this was? Do you use flashcards, or repeated write kanji/ radicals over again until you memorize it?

After about a week of Lessons > Reviews I’m finally down to ZERO! =D
0 Lessons, 556 reviews though ^^; (and 228 next day =P )
Doing reviews knowing I had lessons waiting made me feel unaccomplished, even if I reached zero on reviews.
Having zero on lessons, but a big load of reviews doesn’t feel as bad. And now I have several days until I unlock new lessons, I should be able to catch up on the reviews =)

When I started a week ago I had around 300 Lessons, Zero Reviews. This feels so much better, even if the number is higher. And just give me a few hours, I’ll get the reviews down this weekend :wink:

A pile of reviews is far more dangerous than a pile of lessons.

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I like doing my lessons right after I guru kanji because otherwise i wont remember the vocab as well later on - so it stays in my mind the earlier i do them.

I normally spend the first 2 days after i level up learning the kanji and rads then the two days gap before it they guru i study in as many lessons as i can (with older levels first), then 2 days again for the second wave of kanji and reviews then those 2 days before guruing i do lessons again. While studying grammar here and there as I feel like it.

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I write down all the content listed in a particular kanji or radical’s entry. Usually, this helps me determine if the memnomics will work for me (based largely on whether or not I space out), then I either spend time brainstorming a new memnomic and making it work or move onto the next one.

Lesson – no Kanji in it; most of current level vocab in it / alternatively, zero lesson

Review – keep around 100-200, so that I can’t say this is my free time… More importantly, clear the Apprentice pile and Critical items pile. (Still 500, T_T; perhaps -50 per day after 3 days)

Sadly, leeches usually don’t show up in Critical items.

A pile of lessons is far more dangerous than a pile of reviews, if you have pre-Anki’d.

To me at least, this is true. But I guess it depends on the person.

When I had Lessons piling up, and kept trying to do reviews first, the lessons piled up more and more cause once I had reviews to zero my mind was fried. I did not have the capacity to do any lessons. I do have ADD though, so I have problems with staying focused.

I found the higher the lessons grew, the more anxious I grew.

Now that I got my lessons down to zero I have been able to keep it that way. When new lessons came in I was able to do it first thing and get it back to zero before leaving for work in the morning!
I’m slowly working on getting my reviews back down to zero too, but it is going down. I have gone from 600+ to around 200. If I can keep concentrated I will get it down to zero by tonight (though new repeats of reviews will come in, but that is tolerable)

Even though I still have reviews to do I feel a great satisfaction with my progress. Having lessons at zero is a must for my progress =)

So Reviews do get to 0 at some point? Guess I’ll just keep at them till it does.

Yes, you have to do your reviews until they get to zero.
And do them every day to stop them piling up.

Just get them done as soon as they become available.

Always reviews first but I never let my reviews pile up anyway. Typically will do 15-20 lessons at a time then come back and do another 15-20 a few hours later. I usually try to take no more than 2 days to finish up all lessons on a new level.

Almost a year later I’ve found Lessons and Reviews are equal.
If your reviews are coming in too hard, do them before lessons, but don’t continue leveling until BOTH has been handled, neither can get a backlog without suffering.

You need the almighty eyes looking at you!
Praise the 0 0!!! (zero lessons, zero reviews)

I’m really annoyed that being a beginner and this spaced repetition. I have gotten 24/26 words right. Now my time is wasted have to review 2 words and then waiting another 3 hours to review them AGAIN

Spend all the time between those repetitions on the grammar part, I highly recommend this site made by WaniKani users: https://bunpro.jp/
Doesn’t limit how much you want to learn when, so just keep at it until you can’t take more :wink:

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Thank you, I also switched to nihongo shark’s anki deck as well to speed up the process