Learning How to Study

Ah okay!

Is it more a lack of resources?

It can help to have a daily goal for the resources you’re using. Like, identify a resource for each area of language study, decide what you want to do with that resource, and how much/how often. Then set a daily or weekly goal for each of those resources.

For example (not sure of your level, so these are just arbitrary):

Reading: read one article from NHK each day and add new vocabulary to something like Kamesame

Writing: have a chat partner from something like hellotalk, make sure you set aside time to write a response every few days or something

Listening: watch 1 video/show with Japanese subtitles each day

Speaking: have a weekly session with a conversation partner

Kanji/Vocab: stay up to date with Wanikani and Kamesame

Grammar: finish reading a chapter of your grammar textbook each week, and complete the exercises in the book

These are just examples, again. There will be things that work best for you in particular. If you need resources, I recommend looking here:

*Edit: What resources are you currently using, and how are they working for you?

You mentioned flashcards, and said they’re not working. I really don’t like flashcards either, so I’ve been using Kamesame. That might work well for you too, since it’s modeled on Wanikani, which you said does work well for you.