Latest version of Chrome is display Not a Number (NaN) for the lesson and review tile


As of a few days ago, my instance of Chrome browser has started displaying NaN on the Lesson and Review Tiles, is anyone else experiencing this (note, it displays correctly for a second and switches to NaN)?

Chrome is up to date
Version 119.0.6045.160 (Official Build) (64-bit)

I’ve disabled all scripts and still same issue.


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NaN is a javascript concept - NaN - JavaScript | MDN

Vanilla wanikani does not currently use javascript to populate the numbers which must mean there is a lingering script. You mention it displays correctly before changing. This is also a clue that a script is manipulating the page.


Thanks for the response.

Turns out the WICS Chrome extension is causing the issue, I’ve removed it and the tiles are working fine again.


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