Lack of audio and lag in

The WaniKani site is suddenly lagging and the audio will not play. This happened in the past, but it resolved on its own. It started up again and it’s frustrating to the point where I will use the mobile Tsukurame app instead. But I really would like to use the regular site. Any help is greatly appreciated.

I guess you have to give us details of your situation? Chrome/Firefox? Frequency and time of occurrence (middle of reviews/all the time). Are you running scripts? Maybe chrome is eating up all your RAM? (lol) Perhaps audio isn’t playing due to your kuso internet?

Thanks for replying, it is now working perfectly; even though I haven’t done anything differently.

So I’ll enjoy it until the next time it does this.

Alright, try to remember the details when you do. Also, I’m not sure the forums are the best place to put forth these problems as staff aren’t notified or obligated to check so you might be better off sending them a direct email.

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