Kitty Detectives! Week 12 Discussion 🐱

Pages 120 - 129

Story 3: にゃんにゃん大行進

Start Date: 20th January
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Last sentence(s) of page 129 for eBook readers:

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The “last line” bit is useful even for book-book readers, since none of the pages between 123 and 136 are numbered. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, I managed to call the first bit of the solution, where it comes to Sapphire at least. I didn’t spot the Adam’s apple, I admit, though others did.


Don’t I know it :unamused:


I was surprised at the Adam’s apple being the clue. It seemed so subtle I thought I was reading too much into it. Although Hanae did say there was one person unmistakably in disguise and I poured over the pictures of the three suspects without seeing anything else!

Good call on the person with the bag being the only one with means to hide the rats @Belthazar!

On page 125 I liked the word

のどぼとけ for Adam’s apple - or literally “throat Buddha”!


I didn’t even catch that connection! Thanks for pointing it out ^^

To be honest I found this a slightly confusing start, because it hadn’t really occurred to me for some reason that the culprit in attendance wouldn’t be the mastermind himself. It was all so focused on the Mouse that I didn’t imagine it might be somebody else - so I was pretty baffled when Kuroboshi was like “quick, after him!” :sweat_smile: .

Also lol at Kuroboshi confidently whipping that wig off :joy: what if they’d got it wrong?!


Had a good giggle because of the expression ふくろのねずみ / trapped rat :mouse:. Nice pun!

Thanks for the vocab list, btw! I was able to read everything in one go! Will read again more carefully and look up grammar I don’t understand later this week.


This is so weird. I’m really looking forward to seeing what they come up with regarding all the cats lol


Okay, done with reading it a second time.

I doubt

that they will be able to catch @Micki Mouse. (Sorry, I just love that Micki with the Mickey Mouse avatar is reading a case with us that is about a thief called similar to Mickey Mouse. :crazy_face:)
I don’t think he will (still) be in that house. :thinking:


You doubt Inspector Kuroboshi??!


Of course not. He’s the Lupin to Hanae’s Zenigata.


And I mysteriously arrived just as we reached the Mickey Mouse case!


Huh, absolutely no questions this week? Must be cos everybody is improving :wink:

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Or maybe b’se someone didn’t have notifications on for this thread… :woman_facepalming:


Or maybe because someone forgot she hadn’t actually finished all the reading… :woman_facepalming:t3:

EDIT: though, having now read through it, I can also confirm I have no questions. I’ve come a long way since page 1 :grin: :partying_face:


129 pages to be precise… :upside_down_face:


Just necroing this thread to say I’ve finally finished the Week 12 reading (my new noting taking method is much more time-effective). Thanks to all who contributed to the vocab sheet, especially whoever noted that ふくろのねずみ is an (idiomatic) expression - that would have led to some confusion otherwise!

Just one question, from the very first page, p 120:
Is ふむふむ something someone would actually say, or is it along the lines of mumble mumble, written in stories but not actually said aloud in real life (except to be funny)?