Kanjis that should be made radicals

I’m not gonna make an exhaustive list, but at this point I’ve noticed just far too many complex kanjis that could have been simplified if it would have taken into consideration previously learned kanjis as if they were radicals.

  • for example,
  1. 庶 (All) was learned as hick and fish tails, and then
    遮 (Intercept) was learned as hick, fish tails, and waterslide. instead of using a mnemonic using All Waterslides, etc
  2. 留 (Detain) was learned as sword, rice paddy and pile , and then:
    瑠 (Lapis Lazuli) was learned as king, pile, swords and rice paddy, instead of a King Detained, etc.

On the other hand,
There are a couple of simpler stroke kanjis at the end of Wanikani that could have been learned early on given that they are more useful and could as well be made into radicals for more complex ones.

  • for example,
  1. 尉 (Military Officer) learned at lvl 56, after:
    慰 (Consolation) learned at lvl 43, with the same radical solution as above (Military Officer’s Heart, etc.)
  2. 巾 (Towel) learned at lvl 47, after:
    learning it as a misleading radical (Two Face) and all the other kanjis affected by it:
    布 (Cloth), 幕 (Curtain), 綿 (Cotton), etc. which would have made more sense if learned the 巾 kanji of Towel first.

In conclusion, levels 45+ need a bit of verification. There are many kanjis that don’t have vocabularies either, which makes it kind of pointless to learn them instead of learning other useful joyo kanjis (like that grade 6 kanji lol)

Those are almost all kanji that are used mostly in names, and they have the vocab planned for them. They will add the vocab at some point.

With regard to the general topic, there’s been a massive radical overhaul in the works for months.

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Rumor has it that every time it’s mentioned, devs push it back. They want us to be surprised when it finally arrives, after all :wink:

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The Kanji Map is a great resource for this. Visually intuitive. I use it every the time I see a new kanji that reminds me of an old one.

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I also don’t think there are that many Kanji that don’t have any Vocab. The only ones that truly bug me are 瑠 and 璃 because 瑠璃 is a word.

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There are 17. @VegasVed posted this

This is what I have by pulling from the API:
亮: 51
乃: 52
輔: 52
綾: 52
莉: 53
駿: 53
諒: 53
茜: 54
瑛: 55
遼: 55
哉: 57
瑠: 57
蒼: 57
菅: 58
漣: 58
璃: 58
梓: 59

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