Kaniwani Major Update: 1.3.4!

I have a question about KaniWani and I didn’t know where to post it, so I hope you don’t mind.

I just started using KW and had to set up an API token. I wasn’t sure what options I was supposed to pick, if any, when I did that… so I left them all unchecked. It seems to be working, but is that the correct way to generate the token?


This is how I did it and it worked fine for me. I guess you did it right.

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Hello users of Kaniwani! My apologies for dropping off the face of the earth.

As of this today, a new update has gone out to Kaniwani. It contains a few things:

  • Fix for similar words, e.g. mom,mother,mama. If words are extremely similar, correct answers are now set to interchangeable between them. Note this is a manual process of merging, so if you find 2 words that are identical that are tripping you up, shoot me an email and I’ll see if they are candidates. So far mother,father,young girl are all the ones I’ve merged. I’ll be going through my (many) emails to find more, but please feel free to email me via the website to submit things you think are identical.
  • Resetting to a given level which reset everything above that level, not everything above and including that level. Thanks to Travis-Taylor for the contribution.
  • Expanded vocabulary search bar to include user meaning synonyms. Thanks to Travis-Taylor for the contribution.

Hi @Tadgh11 or @Subversity , maybe you can respond to this:


I am using the latest version of Microsoft Edge (Chromium based) on Windows.
I am having an issue when doing lessons where getting an item incorrect doesn’t show anything in the info box.
If I get it incorrect infobox is empty, but INFO: High is set. If I press spacebar, it toggles through low/medium/high, but still stays empty.

I need to click the infobox button with my mouse, and then it is shown, and spacebar to cycle does work correctly.

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Hey @Dabi do you have this setting toggled on in the Settings page?

You can also hit f to open the info box.
To be fair, I should probably force open the box if you try to toggle the info level when it’s closed.

Check that setting though, by default it’s closed when incorrect so you can think of what the right answer might have been rather than see it immediately.

Hi! I thought I put KaniWani on Vacation Mode, but actually, I didn’t… I now have a scary pile of reviews.

Is there any way to reset the Reviews without compromising my progress? Not sure if Reset Kaniwani Progress would address this issue…

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Hey there. If you didn’t go on vacation there’s not much we can do.
Personally I’d just slowly work at getting the review pile down.

To make it easier you could lock some levels in the vocabulary section, which will reduce your review load - and then unlock levels one at a time as you have more work capacity.

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Thanks for your answer. I’ve started reviewing my pile little by little. Hopefully, I should be back on track in the next few days!