Just came back from Kanken 10

Hey. I just did the kanken 10 and I was curious if someone else did the test and could share their experience. It worked quite well for me. Curious how pedantic they will score the writing of kanji.


How long do you have to wait for the results to come? I’ve never done Kanken but it’s attractive because it’s not expensive like JLPT (although of course it’s only about kanji and JLPT is more thorough).

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I have a thread where I detailed my preparation and taking of level 5 a while ago, and then level 4 just the other day. I picked up and started studying level 3 materials on that Sunday.

If you grab any kind of preparation book, it will have a little section that shows you common mistakes to avoid and places where they might be strict about the form of kanji. In particular, there are a few times where if you write it like fonts usually show it, it’ll probably get marked wrong, but I don’t know if any of those would apply to level 10 kanji.

For the paper test, I had to wait about a month. But to be fair, they have to check the handwriting of tens of thousands of tests.

For the computer test I took the other day, it comes back in 8 business days (so mid next week). Part of this is probably because there are fewer computer tests spread out over time, and because half of the writing (for any answers that don’t require kanji) is done instead with keyboard input, so it doesn’t need to be checked by a human.


True its quite cheap. I payed like 12 € for level 10 … But you have to be aware of the place where you take it. Some other location was like 40 € for the same level lol

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If you don’t mind me asking, where did you take the Kanken exam in Berlin? Is it a commercial language school?

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Its like a supplementary school for Japanese living in Germany. Me and my friend where the only foreigners attending (for all levels) and we wrote the test between a lot of japanese children.

In particular it is this school:

You don’t have to be a school member or need anything else. Just apply and its fine.

The next test held at that location is 11月8日. But you can find the details on the teste when you look for the 漢字能力検定.

PS: Are you also from Germany? Or why are you interested in this school at Berlin?


I also live in Berlin and I took the Kanken 10 at the Chuo Gakuen near Blissestr. But I paid 17 Euro instead of the 12 Euro you paid. I used to think there’s only one school in Berlin where you can take Kanken.

P.S. I also passed the exam but your passing grade is higher than mine :sob:

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haha thought the same that the school where I took is the only one… well thanks for the info … perhaps they offer a test which is not so late this year

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Their next test is on June 16. To register, just send an email to info@chuo-gakuen.de

Too many kanji remaning for my kanken 9 studies :confused:

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Hi, regarding the Kanken at the chuo-gakuen… Where do you see the next test date? I dont find any information on their website (June 16. is obviously over) — so I want to attend the next oen. Furthermore is German fine for appliciaton, or do you have to do it completly in Japanese?

Last year the test was on the 3rd of February, so I’m guessing this year it will be the 2nd. They don’t post the dates online since it’s mainly for the kids who attend the Japanese supplementary school. But if you shoot them an email, they will respond pretty quickly.


Lost your lurking streak, hmmm? Welcome back :upside_down_face:

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