Just annoying

Fair enough.

Although I’m not 100% convinced a website for teaching kanji can do so without equally thoroughly/accurately/completely showing the ways in which those kanji are used in the language - i.e. through vocab. A lot of people seem to be saying the vocab is just an add on. I think it should be an entirely central/important part of any kanji learning app. Of course the analogy doesn’t really work with English but no one’s gonna charge to teach the alphabet and then say, ‘oh yeah, the vocab is not really what we’re about’.

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Thank you buddy for the suggestions. I’m not super active on the forum so haven’t seen the point made before; thanks for taking the time to explain.

I wonder how many of those million times someone pointed out that a kanji learning app without an equal importance on the vocab those kanji are used in would be entirely pointless for most. It may not be PRIMARILY a vocab app, but any kanji app should treat the USE of those kanji equally importantly. In my humble opinion.

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