Jitai (字体): The font randomizer that fits


i uninstalled the script but it keeps randomizing. what’s up with that?



@Iyaonas It seems that it’s possible to install fonts on Chrome OS, but that it’s very involved and requires developer mode. Chromebooks really are pretty darn closed, huh…

@OmukaiAndi Well that shouldn’t be possible! If you’ve properly uninstalled it (and perhaps restarted your browser), that sounds like a bug in your userscript manager. What’s your OS, browser, and userscript manager?


win10, chrome, tampermonkey. i’ll try reinstalling and removing it once more when i’m home.


@obskyr thanks for the link I appreciate it! not sure I feel confident enough to give that a go though, I don’t want to brick my chromebook ><


just tried this and I love it! It is making me think about the kanji a bit more so that’s a good thing!


This is really slick, nice work.


i got rid of it successfully. wasn’t uninstalled for whatever reason - but now it is.
it’s a nice script, but i think i’ll go with default for the time being.


I really like this. Thank you! I want to be prepared for when I see kanji in the wild!


@obskyr I’ve also bothered you on Twitter, but I’ll ask here too.

I have two requests. The first is, I’d like to show the name of the font in the top left of the screen. That way I can easily remove the fonts I don’t like.

But my other request is a bit more important - do you think we can get a better randomizing function? The current one is just not random enough because I get some fonts WAY more often than other fonts. Especially during my font selection process (filtering out the boring fonts), it gets annoying :stuck_out_tongue:

Gosh and now that I’m here anyway. Why not ask… can we get the font to be replaced in the input field as well? Just for fun… cause that’s what we’re here for aren’t we. :slight_smile:


Ehmm… you know that actually means it is more random? True random does not show everything equally in a small sample size. It probably will in the thousands, ten thousands, millions of data points, etc. So if you are seeing some fonts more often than others it means the function is working as intended, aka randomly. If you want it to more equally use each font but maybe vary up the pattern a bit, that would not be random anymore. But that is details. (I thought I’d share because the first time someone pointed this out to me? Mind blown. ^^ )

Also if your second/third (the input field font change) suggestion is implemented, I’d prefer an option to turn it off. Because while I want to learn to recognize kanji in different fonts, I have no desire to have a good portion of the page change font regularly, that would be distracting to me. :slight_smile:


I think the point there is that many fonts have missing glyphs, I guess especially the wilder/hand-written ones may only cover the school grades 1–6 kanji, so you will see the fonts with wider coverage more often.


Thank you very much for this script!


I don’t want to get into a debate on the definition, just that in my mind, random means fairly equal distribution. If, in my list of 114 fonts, while reviewing 350 items (yeah, I was a bit behind… :roll_eyes:) I see one font come up a hell of a lot more than the other ones, well it just doesn’t feel fair to the other fonts :laughing:

But I guess this might have also been due to some fonts not working at all. So to be sure, I just finished testing all of the fonts, by hand, one by one… (My obsession-du-jour says Hi everyone! :wave:)

anyway, from a list of 114 fonts I kept 49, the rest were either just not to my liking or they didn’t work at all. These are confirmed to work. So I’ll see how it behaves now.

To those of you who are wondering wth I’m doing with all of these fonts, I’ll gladly admit, I just want to practice my kanji recognition with fonts from readable to downright impossible (Hi, ArmedBanana…) It’s fun to me.


This is an awesome idea, and an issue I’ve already come across in ‘the wild’ multiple times already!