Japanese explanation resource for differences between similar ことば/漢字!

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Seeing the above topic, I thought I’d share a site I found recently.

WK keeps bringing up synonyms while giving little to no explanation about their differences. The job then, is for the student to research about the usage, meaning and context differences of the kanji/words themselves.

So far I’ve counted on image searches, jisho explanations and example sentences, but it’s a little troublesome trying to go through everything each time. Hence my list of “AとBの違い” keeps getting longer, as I postpone the time hogging task.

Here’s a snippet from my list so far:

  • 苦労と困難 の違い
  • 防止と予防 の違い
  • 上がると挙がる の違い
  • 公告と公示 の違い
  • 値と価 の違い

Chigai.org is a site with tons of explanations for differences between this and that. It’s all in Japanese, so you’ll get some reading practice also.

For example, here’s’s what’s written about 値 and 価:


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Yeah, there are a few threads about it, or mentioning it, but maybe none since the old forums were archived.

It’s good, but it seemed to me like it wasn’t getting updated anymore. So while it’s good for what it has, I’m not sure it’ll have other articles in the future.

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