Isn't the new "Extra Study" thing super antithetical to the point of SRS?

…it’s WaniKani Forever friend.

Both features have the possibility of being really helpful. I think there is the risk that it will interfere and allow items to move to Guru from apprentice when you haven’t really learned the item. I like that it encourages you to go through the mistakes you made in your last reviews. A great way of trying to cement that memory so it is there when you come back to your formal reviews. Unfortunately it seems to leave them in there for more than a day, so it may give you a false sense of knowledge.
The new items system also seems to leave them there too long. Items at Apprentice 3 shouldn’t be in there, again it may help you Guru when you shouldn’t.

I feel like the over-attachment to SRS is getting so extreme that people forget what the point is. If staying 100% true to SRS is what someone wants, that would mean no reviews, no looking up content, no reading or listening or in any way engaging with the language except for 1 specific review at the ‘proper’ time. Which is the exact opposite of what pretty much everyone tends to say, that is, ‘immerse, immerse, immerse!’, not ‘if I don’t study at just the right moment, it’ll mess up with the timing!’

SRS breaks down if you’re using outside help mid-review. That’s not what this is. It’s difficult, in my opinion, to cheat using this feature, and even if someone did, I don’t think it would cause that many more people to cheat than those who already look up answers in a separate tab or reload the window every time they get something wrong.

I’ve found, personally, that my state of remembrance of WaniKani items fall into a few categories: items I can answer instantly, items that take a bit of thought before I can answer, items that I mostly knew but I had some minor mistake in its meaning or reading, and items that I had completely forgotten. For the last two groups, the Extra Study tool could be extremely helpful. Remember that the whole point of SRS is to be asked to recall items right before they are forgotten, so what’s the point if you already forgot them?

The single Lesson for each item isn’t enough for me, at least. I’ve found that sometimes I’ll just brute-force my way through them, relying on short-term memory and brute-force. It never found its way into my memory. Extra Study means I’m not wasting my time 2 hours later for my first review. At least 75% of my incorrect reviews are from the Apprentice I ~ III range, so all this will do is get it in my head in the first place, then relying on SRS once it’s there. It’s for that reason that I believe the current system with recent Lessons and recently missed is perfect, and all we really need. It should help us get items into the SRS system, not keep them there.


I pretty much agree with everything you say except for this. And sorry for being a bit pedantic, but I think this is exactly the thing a lot of people get confused about.
The point of srs is first and foremost repetition. Whether you’ve forgotten an item after a certain interval or not is just an indication of how well you’ve already memorized it. This is then used to determine whether you should be exposed to this particular item more often or not. How close you are to forgetting something is not really that relevant. Basically, as others here already said, the spacing part in srs is about efficiency more than effectiveness.


It just helps u at the start and u will still need to rely on your longterm memorisation. And when it comes to items u have trouble to deal with ur meant to do extra stuff for them anyway. I let the leeches crawl around because i m to lazy to do extra study on them, and damn is that ineffective with just the srs.

yeah thats right OP,

we see u in hell.

Level 45 and your first post in the forum, お疲れ!


I love this new feature. Even if it goes against the purpose of SRS, i don’t think it will affect the experience by much since it is just for new lessons and recent mistake. I do hope they keep this feature.

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Yeah, I’m usually a pretty private person and not one to post in forums much. I also don’t enjoy drama :sweat_smile:
I do feel passionate about some things though. I was actually considering saving my first post for level 60 and getting it all off my chest then, but the call for an srs expert seemed too good of an opportunity to miss :smile_cat: