Is there any way to freeze / suspend obvious cards?

I am a new user and have to start at level 1. I am not new to kanji, yet I have to “learn” and review 一, 二, 七, 川 etc.

Is there any way to permamently suspend these cards so I don’t have to keep reviewing them?


You will need to get those kanji to the ‘guru’ srs stage in order to advance to level 2. Once you’ve done that you could potentially use a userscript called Reorder omega to filter out say all of level 1 kanji (but not specific kanji within level 1) and then they would just remain in your review queue forever but you won’t encounter them while reviewing… but honestly that doesn’t sounds worth it to me because it’s nice seeing your review pile at 0 when you manage to clear them all.

Ultimately, getting some known kanji to burned doesn’t take that much effort so I’d recommend just biting the bullet until you start encountering new, unknown kanji - Unless you know all the kanji up to like level 20 - 30 or something, I can’t comment on whether Wanikani is still worth it at that point.


Not as far as I know, but that should make them a breeze to get through


No, but then again, “learning” and reviewing those kanji and vocab you already know should make it possible to go at full-speed initially.

If you want full control of what items you learn, you’ll need to use a different app, like Anki.

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