Is there any user script that will say the kanji automatically after getting a correct answer?

Just want to make sure I remember the correct pitch accent.

Kanji don’t have audio as far as I’m aware.

this maybe?

as far as i know in Japanese kanji don’t really have their own pronunciation like the vocabulary does
i don’t think that pitch accents apply to singular kanji unless they’re in a sentence or as vocabulary


I don’t understand. We still need to be able to pronounce those kanji. Wouldn’t it be useful to also have the audio on those?

You’d only ever pronounce them as part of a word though, unless the kanji is a word on its own, but then it’ll come back up in vocab.

If this helps at all, try thinking about it like English parts of words. A singular kanji might represent something like “bio.” If you were learning English you might go look at how people pronunce biology, or biography, or antibiotic, but you’re not going to find someone showing you how to pronounce a root of a word absent of context. There are probably better examples because using “bio” as a shortening isn’t actually unheard of, but I hope that makes sense?


You don’t pronounce kanji, you pronounce words with kanji in them.
Pitch accent is different depending on the word


I get it. That makes sense!

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