Is there a userscript that controls quiz item numbers?

10 is too few, but one of the user scripts I would use to control the number somewhat (the userscript that lets you reorder by and or eliminate radicals, kanji, vocab, levels) is messing up (or WaniKani is)?

Something where either you could set the number yourself or choose from an amount like 20, 35, 50, 65, etc?
10 gets annoying to do over and over, but when you have hundreds of reviews…

Here you go: /t/Userscript-Wanikani-Wrap-up-Button-Enhancement/15088/1

Here’s another: /t/Userscript-Wanikani-Customize-Wrap-Up/15091/1

If you want to do 20, can’t you just do 10 and then hit the wrap up button? If you want to do 50, do 40 and then hit it?

OMG EskimoJo, I love you, thank you thank you thank you.

Leebo, since the order is randomized, there’d be no guarantee I’d get 40 complete (both meaning and pronunciation) items. I might get 40 /items/ and say 20 complete. If that makes sense.

P.S. Though the search function is as shitty as ever, I managed to find the 2.0 version of Reorder Ultimate, so now it’s stopped messing with WaniKani and I can use it again. So that’s nice, too. :) 

So all is well in all senses. Yay! Y’all I am so friggin happy to be back today. 

Shiawase said... OMG EskimoJo, I love you, thank you thank you thank you.
You're welcome! Hope it all goes well this time around. See you at 60!