Is my progress atypically slow?

Don’t really know where this limit is though, probably higher than most people are comfortable with.

There is “too slow”, especially if you are not exposed to the language naturally. The limit for me is when you start losing previous knowledge or not being ablet to correctly build on it with the new stuff. That is “too slow” because it takes away from your knowledge - not because it is slower than “normal”. Just my opinion.

There was a point where (going very slowly on Duolingo a few years back) this happened to me: learned 祈 in 2020, never failed to memorize it. Saw 礼 first at some time in 2021, did not even notice and falsely memorized れい as an alternative reading of 祈 (really just did not notice - I pray, I say thanks, whatever, there are stranger things in Japanese happening…) . Then a few months later I stumbled upon 札 and was hit very, very hard, especially because by that time I had a ball of confusion in my head, simply because the time period between the three was too long.

Now I am here, hoping WaniKani can help me detect and correct more of such situation, so far it it is working, but only because I do the reviewing 3 x day keeps the turtles away thing.

I’ve just spent the last 100 days (I know it’s 100 days as I’ve just got the 100 day streak badge on Bunpro) on level 9. Yep, I’m slow.

So what do you recommend? I’m not being rude either, I’m genuinely curious. Is your main method mainly WK (with that script you are talking about) and sentence mining for anki?

Ah, well, I’m never going to agree with you there! :laughing:


wanikani and anki is imo enough for flashcards. Doing bunpro and kitsun on top of wk must be really time consuming, it was for me when I did bunpro. I would recommend learning grammar by looking up stuff you find in immersion as opposed to bunpro.

Definitely making your own flashcards is better than premade ones. Both for grammar and vocab.

My method is immersion with wk and anki as my supplement.


Thank you! I really think you are on to something there! For years I’ve stopped and started and the reason I’ve stopped is because I’ve always bitten off more than I can chew, trying to read and watch things way above my level.

I’m sticking to just N5 only on Bunpro, and I’m already taking your advice and doing a whole lot more sentence mining of stuff that I do understand, and putting the material in a kitsun deck (recognition rather than cloze), thank you so much for re-enforcing that for me. Much appreciated, thank you!


Oh yeah, cloze is for sure a waste of time.
I just looked up kitsun, I guess it’s like anki+yomichan/migaku? looks kinda cool I guess.

If you’re gonna use bunpro at all, you should turn off ghost reviews if you haven’t already.

you don’t really need to mine stuff you already understand well, but stuff that seems important, i.e. common words that aren’t on wanikani etc.


Thank you. I mean it, thank you.