Is it possible to turn off a flashcard?


I think that seanblue’s definition and the “things” definition are often so easily interchangeable that it’s possible to not notice that they’re actually different. I think that’s why the “things” definition was birthed in the place.

But hey, you’ve got the right stuff, kid.


The “things” meaning is certainly much more common. But the meaning I used still comes up from time to time.


Such a quick reply. You sure are made of sterner stuff. Really showing your stuff. Truly the stuff of greatness. It’s great how you know your stuff like this.

I’m gonna go stuff it now.


Iirc, Carlin put it succinctly when he said “Everyone else’s stuff is shit, and all of your shit is stuff.” Stuff can include things, but it can also include actions. Like もの vs こと maybe?



Thanks, guys. Far more reply than I expected. I guess I gotta know my stuff, eh?


The purpose of the site is to teach people kanji, through vocab. If you want to attain only a conversational level, why would you learn a shit ton of kanji?