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Two or three times I have experienced issues with entering answers onto my iPad. This one is with vocabulary entry for car, I.e. しゃ. Wanikani won’t accept it. I am sure my syntax is correct.

You need to type くるま. しゃ is not a word.

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But WK list しゃ as the vocabulary entry for karuma

No it does not. しゃ is a correct reading for the kanji but the word is only ever read as くるま.

しゃ is the kanji, くるま the vocabulary.

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How about しゃにい then, in the car?

Hmm, works now anyway. Thanks for the input guys. Sorry if I have wasted your time.

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(retracted because nonsense)

Don’t be sorry - it’s all a part of the learning process.


車内(しゃない) is a vocabulary in level 4 and means inside a car, train etc
社内(しゃない) is a vocabulary in level 5 and means within a company

Already forgot those? :slight_smile:

Um. Yes. In my defense it’s been a couple of years.

I did check しゃにい on jisho.org and at least I can say with confidence that that’s not a word.

(And my point that you can’t and shouldn’t slap random kanji together still stands.)

I think しゃにい was just a typo.

yeah, prolly.

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Noone really touched on this, but to explain, 車内 and 車 are different words. It’s not that 車 is always read as くるま (or as しゃ), but rather that the word 車 is read as くるま, while the word 車内 is read as しゃない.

I rather like the allegory that someone here on WaniKani used (forgotten who, I’m afraid). Let’s pretend that in English we use the numbers as symbols in usual writing. Let’s take the number 2. When written alone, you know it’s read as “two”. If I use it in the word “2cycle”, you know it’s read as “bi”, while “carbon 2oxide” is “di”. And then you have the weird freaky readings like “2nd” is “seco”.

It’s the same with kanji. Yes, they have different readings when they’re floating around as independent kanji, but when they’re used in specific vocabulary words, they always take the same, specific reading.

(Well. Almost always - the golden rule in Japanese: All Rules Have Exceptions, Including This One.)


This is very nice!

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